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Free Dental Services For Local Families

Free Dental Services for Local Families

WAJ students and their families were all smiles as they participated in free dental services sponsored by the Windham Foundation.  Dental services were coordinated through the Columbia Memorial Hospital Mobile Dental Unit—also known as the Dental Van, for the month of June.  The dental team, a licensed dentist and hygienist, offered a full range of services including exams, cleanings, extractions, x-rays and tooth sealants.  “Education was a key part of the program”, said Phyllis Parrish, a board member for the Windham Foundation. In-class instruction on dental hygiene was conducted throughout the school.  One third grader described her experience after vising the Dental Van, “Some parts of the cleaning hurt but it was good because my teeth are nice and clean.”  She went on to describe her lesson with the hygienist, “My class and I learned how to clean our teeth better and how important flossing and using mouthwash is.”  Students also learned about the harmful effects of sweets and sodas and how they contribute to tooth decay.

Dental Van Photo 2016

This was the 4th year that the Windham Foundation funded free dental services for the Town of Windham.  To date, $60,000 has gone to support smiles in the community.  “Our goal, said Parrish, “is to save teeth and teach children and parents the benefits of good oral health practices.  All participants received a Goodie Bag from the tooth fairy—a tooth brush, tooth paste, floss and a reminder to brush before bed.  Great advise for keeping teeth healthy and permanent.  The Windham Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  Donations are deductible and help fund programs that make our town the best place to be.  Visit us at