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Summer Arts Concert

All Summer the soundtrack in Windham is enhanced through free concerts funded by the Foundation including: Taiko drum performances, jazz performances like the Blackdome music concert series, and live classical performances such as the 23 Arts performances.

Taiko Drummers, July 2019

Taiko Drummers, July 2019

Blackdome Music Festival, Windham New York, July 2019

Blackdome Music Festival, Windham New York, July 2019

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Sugar Maples Art Explorers

The Art Explorers Program recognizes Rita Mary Vining.

Windham Foundation Funds Art Explorers Program

Posted August 23, 2019, By Michael Ryan for Mountain Eagle

Tears are shed for various reasons during the annual Art Explorers Program at the Sugar Maples Center for Creative Arts. “Kids cry to come here and then they cry because they don’t want to leave,” said Windham Foundation board of directors member, Phyllis Parrish, last Friday, as part of a special Recognition Day for Rita Mary Vining.

Vining has been the head instructor and inspirational force behind the program for each of its 15 years, giving the young participants, their teachers and backers yet another reason to get misty-eyed. It was the last day for artistic summer adventuring in the 6-week program, sponsored by the Catskill Mountain Foundation and Windham Foundation at the former Sugar Maples resort in the hamlet of Maplecrest. Vining, as she is known to do, shone the light outward, thanking the children for filling her life and the foundations for making it happen. “None of this would be possible without all of them,” Vining said, noting the Catskill Mountain Foundation created the program while the Windham Foundation provides scholarships for many attendees. “There are families in our area who can’t manage to send their children to a camp. This partnership allows that. It is a blessing that such importance is placed on education in each child’s development,” Vining said.

Campers focus on painting and drawing, cultural art, fantasy, papermaking, wheel-throw pottery, music and photography. There is also a good, old country creek in the back yard and no internet for the 4-days a week, 6- hours per day program, giving the 30-or-so participants plenty of time to do what comes naturally. “The arts are wonderful and we also teach all the kids to connect with and respect nature,” says volunteer assistant Trish Tiano, who has been around and deeply involved since Day One.

Many children from Vining’s art class at Hunter-Tannersville school over the past 32 years, and their children, have become involved in the program, including Tiano and her son Michael. “My mom, Fran Imperiale, helped start the camp with the Catskill Mountain Foundation so I guess you could say I came as a package deal with Rita Mary,” Tiano says, smiling. “Michael and I love coming here.” A second family is formed by the Art Explorers who turned their attention to their teacher, writing poems and expressing innocent thank- Rita Mary Vining is the real icing on the cake for the Art Explorers program. Among those gathering to say “thank you” for her 15 years of summer teaching were (left to right) program assistants Trish Tiano and Irene Barnum, Rita’s’ mom (likewise named Rita Mary), Rita Mary and Windham Foundation board of directors member Phyllis Parrish. There is no internet at the Art Explorers program, prompting Windham brothers Kameron and Preston Jaeger to be part of the crew for a stick-built teepee in the backyard Batavia Kill. “I’ve had so much fun with you and Irene,” one little girl wrote, also referring to longtime program assistant Irene Barnum. “I know there were some bad boys but I think we had a good time,” she wrote, signing it, “Love, Grace,” Adults in the room were grateful as well. “On behalf of the Windham Foundation, we want to recognize Rita Mary for her passion, her enthusiasm and her steadfast dedication,” Parrish said. “Rita Mary is extraordinary in her commitment to children.

She is often called “the child whisperer.” She isn’t just teaching art. “She teaches respect and consideration and encourages the kids, as well as their parents, to try to be positive every single day. “To be honest, I feel confident and positive coming here,” Parrish said. “We have never recognized Rita Mary formally. We want her to know we greatly appreciate what she does for our kids and the community,” Parrish said. The message is plain and simple for kids in the Art Explorers program at the Sugar Maples Center: “Your Life is your canvas, fill it with color”.



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Meaningful Work

The following is an excerpt from an article by Beck Pine that appeared in Windham Mountain Magazine that depicts the type of programs the Windham Foundation Funds. (Click here to view the article)

The Meaningful Work of Windham Foundation

by Becky Pine, Windham

Phyllis Parrish, a member of The Windham Foundation’s all volunteer board, says a leading goal of the 501 (c) non-profit organization is to “help Windham develop and grow in a logical way that doesn’t disturb the natural beauty or local community”. Founded in 2004, The Foundation is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the quality of life in Windham. “We look for the gaps where we’re able to contribute in a positive way to make an impact on everyone — locals and visitors”, says Parrish.

The effects of The Foundation in the community are significant yet understated. Last June, four graduates received $30,000 in scholarships as they walked across the Windham-Ashland-Jewett stage on their way to universities or trade and technological training programs. All summer, kids stay engaged with the Sugar Maples Art and Summer Reading Programs, while the soundtrack in town is provided by free jazz, classical, and taiko drum performances.

At the local VFW 1545 Post, community gatherings are enhanced by a brand-new kitchen. Diagnostic equipment at the local medical practice means families don’t have to travel off the mountain for many services. State-of-the-art emergency response equipment means help can get to them quickly when it’s needed. Photographs and artifacts are properly preserved with new equipment at the Mountaintop Historical society, which also hosts bimonthly hikes guided by geologists, historians or other knowledgeable locals.

The Foundation spent nearly one million dollars in Windham, Hensonville, and Maplecrest after Tropical Storm Irene in 2011, helping people rebuild homes and lives on the mountaintop, and restoring thousands of native trees that were wiped out in the storm.

On weekends and holidays during the busy winter season, locals and visitors can now easily navigate from lodging properties and restaurants around town to the mountain and back with the Village Shuttle. The Foundation also contributes to Windham Mountain’s Ski Patrol and the Adaptive Sports Foundation…

The preservation and enrichment of Windham are greatly enhanced by The Windham Foundation. Their steady and purposeful work will continue to keep the equilibrium in balance as Windham continues to grow.



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Forest Ecosystem Exploration

Windham-Ashland-Jewett’s (WAJ) science club, organized by Deb Valerio, embraces another year of fieldtrips funded by the Windham Foundation. The science club is offered enriching educational fun through Cornell Cooperative Extension of Columbia and Greene Counties. Each month the club can visit The Agroforestry Resource Center and The Siuslaw Model Forest to explore and reflect on the forest ecosystem. The club’s sessions offer youth a chance to brainstorm about insects, explore the benefits of compost and hunt through the forest in search of six legged critters with environmental educator, Andrew Randazzo.

As flying insect populations continue to experience drastic decline, there’s never been a more important time for young people to develop an understanding of the many roles insects play in an ecosystem. This session students were able to develop a hands-on understanding of decomposition and natural cycles while gaining beneficial exposure to the outdoors. As the school year moves forward club participants will be able to further their knowledge as they explore many more topics such as stream ecology and dendrochronology.

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Family Fun Kickoff

With plenty of festivities for friends and family, July 4th kicks off summer in Windham.  It’s also the time when Windham Foundation’s sponsored programs begin to roll out. This year started off with the seventh annual concert by the OMNY Taiko drummers at the Windham Civic Center. The group, led by Grammy award winner Koji Nakamura, performed with an intensity and energy that moved the audience.  As the audience cheered for an encore, the drums and harmony of the group echoed throughout Windham.  The event grows with popularity each year and is truly a special treat for the community every summer. In addition to funding the Taiko Drum concert, the Foundation also contributed to group’s equipment fund.

The weeks festivities continued with Windham’s annual July 4th Parade on Main Street.  Fireworks followed at Windham Mountain, also thanks to a contribution by Windham Foundation. So as another 4th of July celebration ends, the countdown for next year’s concert and festivities begin again. The fun does not stop though, summer programs funded by the Windham Foundation continue to roll out, one by one beginning with the Sugar Maples Art Explorer program, followed by the Library Reading program, July 14 Gala concert at the Windham Civic Center, the Black Dome Music Festival, and the 23Arts concert, Swingin’ the Songbook on September 1, Labor Day weekend, featuring the Catskill Jazz Factory Collective.

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