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Dental Van Returns

For the third consecutive year, the Windham Foundation granted $15,000 for free dental services for all WAJ students and their parents.  Educational sessions on the importance of oral health were conducted for the elementary students.  From kindergarten to third grade, 73 children participated in an interactive presentation by dental hygienist Evelyn Russo.  Mrs. Russo visited each class and provided an educational, yet fun, presentation on proper dental hygiene and the importance of a healthy smile.  Every child participated and was excited to share their healthy dental habits.  “I love brushing my teeth!” said a first grader.  “You have to brush for a full two minutes,” said another.  Faculty and staff were thrilled and thankful that the Windham Foundation funded this critical program.

Full dental services will be made available starting April 7 through May 1.  The Dental Mobile Unit will be parked behind WAJ in the school parking lot for 4-weeks.  It is expected that over 100 students and their parents will participate.