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Blooming Bike Seeds

Once again, the Windham Chapter donors can be proud of the seeds they helped plant a few years back.  Providing $250k in seed money, the Windham Chapter funded a brave new idea—host the first Windham UCI Mountain Bike World Cup.

Play forward to 2014 and Windham’s 3rd UCI Mountain Bike World Cup.  A lot of people did a ton of work to host the event.  Much of the work went unseen to organize and oversee the races which drew 1200 competitors from 41 countries. Windham is the only United States stop on the UCI Mountain Bike tour, which hits nine  countries, and has obviously impressed the UCI, the international ruling body for the rapidly-growing, highly disciplined sport. Town was hopping and if you ever doubted the need for bike lanes on our country roads, look no further!

Very few of the names of the elite cross-country and downhill racers are known to people living in Windham. However, we are proud to recognize our very own pro biker Justin Lindine who did participate in Windham’s first Mountain Bike World Cup event.  Justin, native of Maplecrest, recently won the National Cyclocross Title on his 30th birthday, according to his proud mom, Marty who continues to reside in Maplecrest.