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WAJ Science Department Visits the Sugar Maples Farm

Nature doesn’t let us pick and choose our weather. So, when the high school biology class got on the bus to travel to Maplecrest, home of Sugar Maples farm, on June 6th, everyone wondered what they would do in the rain. The class quickly learned that farming must continue, rain or shine. The Field Trip, organized by Mrs. Li of the high school science department at Windham Ashland Jewett Central School and Dawa Sherpa, the Sugar Maples Caretaker and Farm Coordinator, was a great learning experience for all. “As we live in a rural setting, it is extremely important to understand the beauties of agriculture and nature,” said senior, Kevin Mattice. “Because of the trip, I was able to appreciate the hard work that farmers must do to provide fresh vegetables to the community.” In such a one-of-a-kind community, students are very fortunate to be able to visit a local agricultural farm to see how their vegetables start as tiny seeds and turn into delicious, healthy foods that are enjoyed by everyone. Although the weather restricted the farming experience to indoors, the students were still able to participate in many activities such as planting seeds in the greenhouse and packaging vegetables in the farm house. At the end of the day, the students took home the plants that they potted themselves. Supported by the Windham Foundation, the field trip to the Sugar Maples farm was a rewarding and fun day for the kids of WAJ.