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Windham Chapter Purchases Rescue Equipment for Fire Department

WINDHAM – A humanitarian deed could lead to the saving of additional human lives following a donation from the Windham Chapter.  Windham town board members, at a recent meeting, received a letter from the Windham Chapter reporting they would contribute $4500 toward the purchase of emergency rescue gear. “We want to ensure the safety and well-being of our community,” said Windham Chapter Board Member Phyllis Parrish.

Government leaders, earlier this summer, were informed by Windham Hose Company #1 president Greg Thorp that the “Jaws of Life” equipment needed to be updated.  “Additionally, as I’m sure you recall, I have made you aware numerous times that certain tools associated with the Jaws of Life are nearly 40 years old. As such, they are very outdated,” Thorp wrote. “I feel strongly that the “Spreader” and the “Cutter” should be updated and replaced as soon as possible,” Thorp wrote, noting the essential power plant and ram were still in good shape.

Board members agreed to research the matter, asking for cost estimates from Thorp, which were subsequently provided, leading to the participation by the foundation. “We are extremely grateful for this purchase by the Windham Chapter,” town supervisor Stephen Walker said.







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