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Windham Foundation Mission

Windham is a special place for all of us. Established as a non-profit in 2004, our mission is to help Windham develop and grow in a logical way that doesn’t disturb the natural beauty or local community.  We’re committed to inspiring lives and enhancing our community through funding for education, recreation, the arts, and community initiatives. Since 2004, we have contributed over $4.5 MM to improve the Windham community.


We’ve granted over $1.2 million to support educational programs in Windham. Projects include funding for the summer reading program and eReaders at the Windham Library and capital improvements to Windham -Ashland-Jewett Central School (WAJ), for classroom computers, a distance learning center, and basketball and tennis courts. We offer the largest college scholarship to a graduating senior—$15,000 over the course of four years.  Since 2004 we have helped local students reach their dream of a higher education.  Last June, four graduates received $30,000 in scholarships. We fund science field trips, teacher mentoring, after-school enrichment, and summer theater projects.  Many have acclaimed, “Windham Foundation, where would we be without you.”


We actively fund recreation programs that engage local youth, teens, and families alike.  We also educate people about the Catskill Mountains, the forests, and watershed.  We are proud to sponsor new initiatives such as the Windham World Cup Bike Festival that bring people from around the world to our area. Planning and cultivation for the Windham Path started years ago; funding from the Windham Foundation made it real. Local recreational funding includes: Little League scoreboard, Yankee Stadium field trips, playground and sports Equipment for WAJ  tennis courts upkeep, and uniforms for mountain bike and soccer teams.

The Arts

Our desire to become a performing arts destination is not a pipe dream—it’s a reality, thanks to the Windham Foundation (the “Foundation”).  The 23 Arts WINDHAM SUMMER MUSIC FESTIVAL is bringing major concerts to our mountaintop each year with funding from the Foundation. Scholarship funding allows more than 70 local children to attend the Sugar Maples Center for Creative Arts summer camp. The Foundation purchased new lighting for the Civic Centre, sponsored several Sandcastle Contests, contributed to performances by the Schoharie Creek Players, subsidized the Civil War Historical Encampment and Concert, and underwrote concerts and workshops by the Japanese Taiko Drummers, Paul Taylor Dance Company, and Manhattan in the Mountains.


Most recently, the Foundation sponsored the Dental Care Van and Clinic for all WAJ Students and their parents. Nearly 100 students and their families were provided dental care. To date, we’ve raised $689,000 through our Hurricane Relief Fund to help local families.  Immediately following the flood, we gave nearly near $1,000,000 emergency aid and funds to rebuild homes and businesses; restore grounds, driveways, and inventory; replace appliances, heating oil and household furnishings.  We funded also two cleanup initiatives—Stream Team and Spring Clean—hauling away 90,000 pounds of debris, junk cars, and collapsed buildings.

In addition, we provided funds to build the Windham Food Pantry and diagnostic equipment for the Windham Family Medical Practice. Ensuring safety for all, we purchased emergency rescue equipment and a generator for the Windham Hose Company. So that Windham’s history may be preserved, we purchased computers, cameras, and indexing equipment for our local Historical Societies. At he local VFW Post (1545), community gatherings are enhanced by a brand new kitchen partially funded by the Foundation.

On Weekends and holidays during the busy winter season, locals and visitors alike can get around town easier because of the Foundation’s sponsorship of the Village Shuttle.  The Foundation also contributes to Windham Mountain Ski Patrol and Adaptive Sports Foundation.


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